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The boy's shirt in japanese fabric 100% cotton

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Nathana measures 1m77 and wears size XS/36

Traditional Japanese weaving

Nervous & irregular aspect

Small front & back gathers for femininity

Fitted sleeves

The mini collar

The straight boy’s shirt to wear in pants

Japanese weaving workshop

Traditional Japanese weaving

Weaving is an activity that accompanies almost all of humanity since the dawn of civilization. We are therefore interested in Japanese weaving. Our discovery of Japanese weaving begins with our meeting with COBO, a family business founded in 1850 in the province of Chùbu.

Exclusively natural fibres

This Japanese weaver works with two types of looms, with spears and projectiles. For his Cobo collection, mainly natural fibres such as wool, cotton and linen are used. The COBO fabrics offer a unique hand with a nervous and irregular texture.

An international reputation

COBO has acquired an international reputation for its washed wool fabrics and dry wool gabardines. The concept of the collection is inspired by Japanese aesthetics that respects the beauty of imperfection and incompleteness. On the basis of traditional aesthetics, COBO continues at the same time the development of a creation adapted to contemporary expectations.

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