“The Shadow Games”

Launch of the pre-order sale on Friday, May 14!

In the mysterious forest, our heroine dressed in a cape progresses at the pace of a wolf.
Between shadows and light, a game of hide and seek takes place.
Between the beautiful heroine and the beast, who will have the softest coat?
In this collection, long-haired cape coats, mohair sweaters and silk twill
petticoats are combined together in a warm and subtle colour scheme.

lilith, Eco-responsible brand in pre-order

A reasoned production

We have chosen a short circuit production, limiting distances and the number of intermediaries as much as possible. By manufacturing only the product ordered on our website, we avoid waste due to overproduction: with small-scale production, we give priority to quality and we offer it at the right price.

An eco-responsible world

Exclusively designed in Paris, our timeless creations are only available by pre-order on our website. Each season we will offer several capsules that production will be launched after the period of pre-order. By making unique pieces ready to order as to avoid waste associated with overproduction. Our priorities are quality and price.

Creating less but better gives meaning to our profession.

Caroline, Frédérique, Éric

lilith uses packages to FSC standards:
The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) is an international, non-profit, non-governmental organization, established after the Rio Earth Summit in 1992, whose objective and mission is to halt the destruction of tropical forests and encourage ecologically and economically responsible forest management initiatives.